Website Critique/Brand Audit

Your mom said your website is wonderful.


But is it?

I’ve been critiquing websites and performing brand audits for years. Let’s look at both of them separately.

Website Critique

Sometimes you spend so long building and tweaking that you don’t really know what your site looks like to an outsider.

I go through every page of your small site, checking every link, making notes of what feel it gives. I’ll make suggestion in a written or video report.

Keep in mind, this is for a small site of a few pages. I can usually have it done in a few days. Lots of details and personal feedback: $99.

Brand Audit

Your website is only a small part of your brand. I’ll do a search for you and your keywords and let you know what I find and give some suggestions on increasing your visibility.

I’ll find all your entries upon doing a search and give you a detailed report, either written or video.

Again, this is for a small brand. You might be a bit bigger than I can handle in a quick turnaround time. Usually takes just a couple days. Lots of details and personal feedback: $99.