The Blog…What, How and Why.

Let me take a moment and tell you about blogs in general, and this blog in particular.

I started blogging in 2009 from the couch of a friend who took me in for a couple weeks. I was taking a car trip around the country and she lived in San Diego.

Why yes… I’d be happy to stay on your couch for a couple weeks… or a month. 🙂

My blog went through many focuses over the years. I didn’t just pick a topic and stick with it. That’s not me. And it may not be you. I have lots of interests. And I use my blog(s) to express myself. Whichever self I need to express at the time.

Blogging is the simplest and least expensive way to express whatever it is you need to express. Whether you have a product, service or message to share with the world, blogging is easy.

It’s just a bonus that search engines, like Google, like blogs. Content is often being updated, makes the website interesting and current…

I have several blogs right now.I have only one on this site.

My other favorite form of expression, which is also VERY inexpensive and simple, is podcasting. I currently have 2 podcasts.

I’m telling you this to encourage you to find YOUR best solution for expression. Another great format is video blogs, or better known as Vlogs.

All of these formats can often seem out of reach or costly, but they don’t have to be. My advice here is the same as building a website; don’t overthink it. Don’t analyze it. Just jump in. Start. Get a feel for what you like and what you don’t.

Whatever format you choose to start with, you can start with no investment. Use devices you already have and free tools you can download.

If/when you decide that one of the formats really suits you, and you want to jump in further, you can upgrade a device or a tool as you see fit at that time.

But you do NOT need to get all the whistles and bells to get started. I wanted to start a podcast in 2014. And I didn’t actually do it till 2019. Why? Because I ‘needed’ a good microphone and I ‘needed’ podcast artwork, and I could not niche my interest or topic down to a ‘marketable’ one and yada yada yada.

Toward the end of 2018, I took some stock of my inability to move forward and my analysis paralysis and I just made the decision to start a podcast on anything. Just start.

I started 3 podcasts. Something all the experts tell you not to do.

I picked topics I didn’t care much about. Something all the experts tell you not to do.

I used free tools and my iPhone. Experts were suggesting wonderful packages of great microphones and processes and coaching etc.

For a couple months, I just figured stuff out. I didn’t try to find advertisers or try to get reviews. I just found my voice and learned how to use the tools I had.

After a couple months, I looked at my numbers and saw that one of the podcasts had very little interest. I deleted it. One of the other podcasts, that I just started in order to get something going, had quite a bit of downloads. So, I kept that one going.

And the 3rd podcast, which is the one I started to support individual business people, didn’t have a lot of interest, but that was ok. I was still working out the kinks in that one. That one has morphed a few times over the last several months, and that’s ok.

And yours will be too.