Dachia- Writer, Speaker, StorytellerI’ve been on the road the last couple weeks and wanted to share a few of my thoughts.

As I pass or am passed by the trucks and cars and of course, the travelers who have personally experienced the awesomeness of a minivan and therefore have one, I find myself wondering who these people are? Where are they going? Are they on their way to work? To home? Are they visiting friends or family? Are they on their way out of town? Will they sleep in their car?

I find myself guilty of making assumptions on their behalf if I happen to see their face. But if it is just the car, my mind is open.

I expect we have some very basic similarities, as we are obviously heading in the same direction on the road. They might head toward Indiana when I head toward Tennessee… but for right now we have enough in common.

I love road-trips. I love to pack up the Mighty Minivan, also known as the Shuttle Craft with my furry kids, also know as the landing party, and seek out new life.

I become a better person on the road. Closer to the person I like to think I am. For example, I’ll let you in. I don’t care what you are driving or what time of day it is or how crowded we are, if you put your blinker on I will let you in. And I’ll feel good about myself for having done it. If you are a truck driver and we are in heavy traffic, and you signal your desire to come into my lane, and I have already passed your rear tires when you did so, I will probably slow down and flash my lights and let you in. And if you flash your rear light to say thank you, I’ll feel even better.

I don’t know anything about you, but I want to assume the best. You are just trying to get a job done so you can get home to your family, and a couple dogs you adopted from a shelter, and your minivan that you would rather be driving over hauling this 53′ trailer, and of course you love Star Trek.

Color? No idea. Language? Who cares. Religion? Whatever. Culture? Not mine. That’s a given. If I didn’t see you across the table growing up, then we have different cultures.

But I am curious what you ate at your table. And what was your favorite class in grade school? And whether you are still friends with any of your childhood or high school friends. But then, you might still be in high school. Ah the mystery of the road.

I love road-trips. Not crazy about the construction on 75 outside Atlanta, or the traffic through Nashville, or that moron flying up the interstate in the lane that clearly stated it is closing, and then trying to get into my lane with the rest of us who merged a mile back…

Clearly, I still have a little work today in regards to the Ferengi among us. And if you flip me off on the freeway, I’ll probably flip you back. It’s habit. I need to work on some of my knee jerk reactions.

However, overall I love road-trips. I love the seeking out of new life and to boldly go where I have not gone before… or at least not very recently. And I love letting you in.

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Photo supplied by moi, Dachia.

The above was originally published at LinkedIn.