Hey there!

I’m Dachia (Dah’ sha).

I’m a Storyteller. And while I’ve been sharing my own stories, spoken or written since I could speak or write, I’m now more interested in yours.

Through the years, I have worked as a consultant for small business owners, helping them to build their online platform.

I love it. ❤️

I love hearing what the business is about, how they got started, their hopes and dreams, and also their challenges.

And I’ve also discovered that the experience of creating a platform, really helps each of us get in touch with who we really are and who we wish to be.

I love spending time with people who are living at 100%.

My goal is to help you tell your story. No matter what your purpose is, building a platform is an amazing adventure.

I specialize in helping small businesses owners get started. Particularly in the creation of a website.

I’d love to tell you a warm and fuzzy story about how building a website was super simple right from the start.

But it wasn’t. When I started building a platform online back in ’04, I used a simple program to build my first website. But, that program was pretty limited long-term.

After a bunch of years (I didn’t keep track), I tried to switch to WordPress.

And .. after a short period of time, I gave up.

Dachia wordpress starter website builderIt was incredibly frustrating. 

But after another couple years, I tried again. I had found several groups on Facebook.

I had read posts and books.

And I knew I needed to upgrade my site to something that was stable, flexible and easy to update.

There are loads of options out there now. I decided that WordPress was the best of all worlds. For more on THAT… check out the About page.

Feel free to connect with me. Whatever your interests, I want to help you on your personal and/or professional path and help you achieve your goals.

Drop me an email or a voicemail anytime (teal button on the right hand side).

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