Doing this since 2003...

Dachia (Full Time, Stay At Home, Dog Mom)

Hey There!

I’ve been building websites for a long time now. I love it. I often say that you sometimes need to put something out there in order to figure out what you like and don’t like… and what you want to put out there.

I remember my first websites and being frustrated and overwhelmed and not having anybody to ask for help.

I remember trying to rebuild a site and becoming so annoyed that I gave up and let it sit for nearly a year.

I also remember working for a company whose website was being hosted and maintained by another company who, quite honestly, sucked at communication. I was asked several times to connect with them because I ‘spoke their language.’ 

It was through that experience that I decided the world had room for a creative, honest person who responded in a timely manner and really cared what happened to their clients.

I know there are many inexpensive… can we just say cheap? … website builders.

They are ‘experts in SEO’. They have a staff of 25. They can host your site. They have several other cool services. … blah blah blah

It’s possible you know a few of them. It’s also possible they are strangers and you are being wooed by the price tag. I completely understand.

I’m not trying to compete with faceless strangers offering the moon for pennies. I’ve dealt with too many charlatans.

That’s not me. I live in the amazingly beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. I am a full-time, stay at home, dog mom. I love my life and I love what I do.

I’ll take some time and learn how much help you need. My goal is to leave you able to handle your website on your own so you are never at the mercy of someone else.

I look forward to helping you.