About Me​

Creating websites since 2004

Hey there!

I’m Dachia (Dah’ sha).

I’m a Storyteller. And while I’ve been sharing my own stories, spoken or written since I could speak or write, I’m now more interested in yours.

Through the years, I have worked as a consultant for small business owners, helping them to build their online platform.
I love it.

I love hearing what the business is about, how they got started, their hopes and dreams, and also their challenges.

And I’ve also discovered that the experience of creating a platform, really helps each of us get in touch with who we really are and who we wish to be.

I love spending time with people who are living at 100%.
My goal is to help you tell your story. No matter what your purpose is, building a platform is an amazing adventure.

I’d love to tell you a warm and fuzzy story about how building a website was super simple right from the start.

But it wasn’t. When I started building a platform online back in ’04, I used a simple program to build my first website. But, that program was pretty limited long-term.

After a bunch of years (I didn’t keep track), I tried to switch to WordPress.

This is the brief story of US.

WordPress and me… and how we got together.

It wasn’t always beautiful sunsets and long walks on the beach.

There was plenty of frustration in the beginning. And we broke up for a while. We needed our space. I wanted to see other CMSs (content management systems).

But after another couple years, I tried again. I had found several groups on Facebook.

I had read posts and books.

And I knew I needed to upgrade my site to something that was stable, flexible and easy to update.

There are loads of options out there now. I decided that WordPress was the best of all worlds.

But after a while, I realized that while some other systems were easier, I couldn’t grow with them. They (Wix, Weebly and Squarespace) would always be simple and they would also always be living in their Mom’s basement.

They couldn’t move.

I went back to WordPress and we had some long discussions about our future. What we wanted and how we could work together to achieve it.

There were difficult times where I struggled, but there were always support groups.

Ok… enough of the analogy?

Here’s the straight up story.

I’ve worked with website builders since ’04. I enjoyed many of them. And my experience with WordPress was not always easy.

Even now, there are times I am completely befuddled and need to go find help.

And that’s the key. Help is there.

WordPress powers 34% (and growing) of the Internet. There are loads of plugins for just about every option you can think of.

It is proven, by still being around since 2003. There is a LOT of support for it. You can move it to another host.

The other so-called contenders are immobile.

Not WordPress. You can move your WordPress site at any time.

I wasn’t always a cheerleader for WordPress. I did have a few affairs with other suitors, as mentioned above. But I returned to WordPress and determined to help others see the light as well.

I worked out all my challenges and created a process where the absolute newbiest of newbies could build their own site.

Because I remember what it was like. And I took notes.
My goal is to get you into something. A ‘starter website.’

Something that will last you a solid year. Get you out there.

What is often overwhelming about website creation is ALL the choices you have to make at once. All the things you think you should know. All the things you then try to research and find so many opinions of, both for and against.

I’ve made a bunch of decisions for you and within the next year you can make some decisions, change your mind, at your leisure.

I’ve been there.

You just need to dive in. And I’m going to help you. I’ve made the process as simple and streamlined as possible.

Feel free to connect with me. Whatever your interests, I want to help you on your personal and/or professional path and help you achieve your goals.

Drop me an email.