All of September… in one post.

September went by quickly. I was living in the mancave of a friend of mine. Full size friddeer out the back doorge, half filled with beer, a Foosball table, and Rally posters on all sides. But the bed was comfortable and my dogs and I were safe. Outside the back door to the mancave, I could often see deer, turkeys and other wildlife. Loved that.

Dachia on bike rideIt was good to get out and get some exercise in the beautiful hills. The pic to the left is of the Mickelson Trail, which has some incredibly beautifully spots.

This picture (below) is of me and the dogs, at Devil’s Bathtub, which is a gorgeous hike and lots of places to stop.  This is a good place to work on all your fitness. I was glad to not be spending every waking minute trying to track down a single bale of hay.Dachia at devil's bathtub