Building My New Member Site with GoDaddy- a company that understands Customer Service.

Recently, I had been thinking that perhaps I needed to move my membership site only my own website real estate. Honestly, I had been dreading it. I had envisioned the process being painful and frustrating. But the site where it was was a bit limiting and I had a vision of what it could look like, if it were elsewhere. However, I also thought I would likely have to hire somebody to build it for me. While I could do it myself, I thought it would be very time-consuming.

I finally decided to just start the process. I would have all the elements needed for whoever was helping me. I opted to go for a subdomain. I wanted my membership area to be different from the rest of my site but still be hosted on the same server and the same account.

One of the biggest reasons I was dragging my feet in this move was that I just didn’t feel like the membership was big enough to warrant a move. Then again, did I really want to move even more members to a new site? I’d rather members came in to something that was already stable and not going to move again.

So, I created my subdomain, installed wordpress on the c-panel, ran into some trouble, and went to the free WP support group on Facebook. A person there walked me through just enough for me to see my error and I was motoring along.

I picked a free theme just as a place holder. It had a basic look of what I thought I wanted. I knew I could change it later if I found the theme I did want. But, it was getting late and you know me… I was tired and ready for bed, so gosh.. let’s just start playing in the new site.

It was such fun. There are so many new tools now. One that came with this theme is called Beaver Builder. SO EASY!! OMG! I love it! I was tooling right along creating pages and dragging and dropping and seeing that this theme was exactly what I needed and wanted and then I saw that my links had an unwanted extra word. Thought I could just fix that myself… poof… locked out of my site.

I went back to my c-panel and could not find a way back in. I went to the WP group on Facebook and still no help. Finally decided to just call GoDaddy.

Why do I not just call support right away? I never do. I always wade further into the pit of despair and wait till more text and pop-ups turn red with big warnings of ‘don’t go further,’ before I call support. I figure they are busy, right? With serious issues.

But I called and talked to Keli. And the two of us giggled our way through the trouble and the solution.

I’m back! Site saved!

I always point to times like this when people ask why I spend more money with GoDaddy than necessary when other cheaper services are available. I did try one of those companies once… it was horrible. When I called, it would ring and ring. If they answered, I never felt like I was being heard and was quickly transferred to somebody else.

When I call GoDaddy, they answer quickly, no matter the time or day. They always fix my issue. And in all the times I’ve called them (many), only once do I remember not being very happy with the experience. Those are pretty good odds.

As a trainer in customer/guest relations, I love telling people about companies that are doing it right.

Before I called them last night, I really had to decide if I should just wait till morning. I was tired. But I also knew I was not going to sleep well till this was resolved.

So glad I called. I woke early (as usual) and couldn’t wait to get back into my site. I’m just so excited to get this done and open it up to you (if you are in need of saving at least 10 hours a month on finding good solid resources to help you build your business online and connect with your target audience).

Also, I’ve been thinking about a way to help our Heroes. I know people in every field are dabbling in side hustles. Lots of people wanting to build a business big enough to get them out of their daily grind. And many of them are what many of us would define as heroes. Veterans and active duty military, Law Enforcement, Firefighters and other First Responders. I’ll be offering a 25% discount to any of you.

I’m heading back into my new site now…. too much fun to put off. Hope you are having a great day. If you need a resource for something, let me know. If you need several resources, considering becoming a member- I made this site for you.

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