Dachia- CasterbatingI learned a new word recently. Not only did I use it in a few sentences, but I really embraced the meaning and lived it in my life. That word is Casterbating.

Casterbating is a word coined in the wonderful world of podcasting. At least I think it is a wonderful world. I spend so much time casterbating, I really haven’t accomplished anything except to plan to make a plan, and then I plan to follow that plan, which as yet is still unplanned.

I peruse Amazon and look at microphones, and I already have two. I watch youtube videos on the how-to’s of podcasting, and find myself nodding along because at this point I have already seen, heard or watched it. I read articles, blogs and books on podcasting, and convince myself I gained something important… something needed before I actually produce content.

I have listened to dozens of podcasts and left reviews for many with the idea that one day these people might do the same for me, or at least agree to be a guest on my podcast… the one that is being planned to be planned.

I wring my hands as I read about how WordPress is what I should really be using, but honestly the free Blogger pages serve the purpose just fine at this point.
I respond to many posts seeking suggestions and opinions on podcast artwork, logos and formats. I give great suggestions as I sit without podcast artwork, logos or a format.

I’ve subscribed to email lists, become a paid member to online communities, and involved myself in live chats. I’ve thought about signing up with Libsyn services, when there are free services that I have not even utilized.

I wonder if perhaps I need to buy an editing program like Adobe Audition, but I have Audacity downloaded for free, and zero excuse to not have produced something.
I have a topic that just tickles me no end. I have a blog to host the show notes and offer a link to the show in iTunes or other outlets. I have access to free online programs to create some artwork, and while it may not be great, it would be good enough. I have enough text to produce 50 podcasts, plus over a dozen guests who would be a joy to converse with and have a great story to share. I can edit it, package it, upload it, and link to it.

I just need to actually do it.

And I really want to actually do it.

I have committed to attending two conferences in the first six months of the year; it sure would be nice to arrive with something other than shiny business cards.

So, what is holding me back? What are the reasons I have not published content yet?

What are my hurdles?

It doesn’t matter.

These things only matter if I focus on them. I choose to focus on the finish line. In order to get there, I’ll just do it. It doesn’t matter what color the hurdles are or how high, once I get past them.

I think many of us look at the hurdles and start making plans for the hurdles, when they are not important. Some of them don’t even really exist. We are creating them as we go. Or should I say, we are creating them as we stand, because we are not going.
I’d like to say that tomorrow I will ____ and then the next day I shall _____… but I know me. Kicking myself in the tush is not helpful. It will come together when it comes together.

Some things cannot be forced. I think this is counter to what we are taught.
We are taught that we must make goals and they must be clear and realistic, and they must be measurable and yada yada yada. Anybody else as tired as I am to hear about SMART goals? Realistic goals are not inspiring to me. Realistic plans don’t fire me up.

If they do you, that’s great. But the rest of us, even if a minority, should really just nod and say, “yeah… that’s not me.”

Goals and plans are expected, appropriate and acceptable. I’m not. So, I might need to line up all my imaginary ducks before I publish. And that’s OK. When I’m done casterbating I’ll publish the podcast.

How about you? Have you got your own industry term like casterbating? I hope it is as visually compelling. Let’s hear it.

I am a humorous and inspirational speaker and writer, but Storytelling is my love. I am an open-networker and invite you to connect. Please feel free to join the conversation on Facebook and follow me on Twitter @Dachia.

Photo by Jeroen van Oostrom and http://www.freedigitalphotos.net