Dachia’s Secret of Great Content.

Ok, that title was clickbait, because it isn’t a secret. Something I have struggled with from time to time is one of the most commonly mentioned struggles I hear as a consultant.

It’s well-known that content is king.

However, what seems to cause so many good people to berate themselves is knowing they need to create content but they can’t bring themselves to blog every day.

But content can be in just about any form. If you are a writer, great… blog. Write articles. There may be times though, that you just don’t feel like writing anything. (raising hand). Even as a lifelong writer, I can find myself uninterested in writing anything. But as a creative person, I can always find something to share and a way to share it. Be it a video, a meme, an infographic, or a podcast.

Having struggled with “I gotta make some content” myself through the years, I am the my clients best cheerleader and encourager think about content differently. I can go a few weeks and blog every single day. And then suddenly my head is on something else. I need different outlets for my thoughts.

Now, something else to keep in mind is that you can reuse your content on different mediums. Perhaps you’ve blogged about a topic and now you can take the same information and make an infographic with it. Or best yet, you made a video and perhaps you can strip the audio and release it as a podcast episode or re-release the video on a different platform. Or take the audio and transfer it to text and publish it as a blog. So many ideas and ways to create content.

Now here’s the thing. Whatever your business is… you need to be passionate enough about it that you never tire of sharing something about it to anybody who will listen.

I never tire of talking about relationship building for small businesses and resources to use. Add to that that there is always something new to share. A new or better resource. A new idea. A great case study.

I love it. All of it. You need to love what you do. It needs to be something you are so passionate about it can sustain you in the lows and times of famine. Something you really care about.

When you care about something so deeply… you can always find something to say about it. And some way to say it. Written, video, audio….

It’s all content.

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