Essential Oils for Mental and Emotional Fitness

I recently came across some information regarding Essential Oils and health.  I thought it might be useful and wanted to share it.  Some of us are doing our best to be healthy and fit.  Some of us are dealing with bigger challenges than others.  And some of us could use a little help.  I want to add that the essential oils discussed here are Young Living Essential Oils, and it does make a difference where you get your essential oils.  The place where I got this info lists two rescues, one for dogs and one for cats, in case you want to support one.  Email me for that info.  Following is the information as I found it:

The penetrating characteristics of essential oils greatly enhances their ability to be effective.  Essential oils will penetrate into the body when applied to the skin.  Placed on the foot they will be distributed to every cell in the body in 21 minutes.  They will even penetrate a finger or toe nail to treat fungus underneath.

Essential oils stay in the body about 20 minutes to two hours, and leave no residuals.  The effects and frequency are accumulative when the mental attitude changes.  We must have a desire to change and work at it or the old programming will keep coming back.  Oils are a precursor to set up stage for action and a catalyst to do the work (the bloodstream).  Oils go where the need is present and are activated in that area.  Testing on thyroid, heart and pancreas showed that the oils reached these organs in 3 seconds. When layered, one oil applied over another, it is faster.  The body absorbs the oils fastest by breathing and second fastest by applying to the feet or ears.  Essential Oils also cross the blood brain barrier.  They piggy-back the energy waves to get into the cells.

All the essential oils deliver cell wall penetrating oxygen, and it is the unhealthy cells that need the oxygen for the road back to health.  When the cell wall thickens, oxygen cannot get in (life expectancy of a cell is 120 days to 4 months).  Cells divide making 2 duplicate cells, and if it is diseased it will make 2 new diseased cells.  When we stop the mutation of the cells (create healthy cells) we stop the disease.  Essential oils can restore cells to normal in 7 seconds.

As Healthy Horsemen, there are times when we need a little help getting balanced.  Mentally, emotionally and physically.  That’s true for our horses, too.