Fitness Preparation

So often, people want to make a change, but not all that they should or need to.  So, they ask me what change is most important.  Should they give up dairy or eggs?  Or beef or poultry? Or this or that.  This is like a guy in marriage counseling saying he is willing to give one of his two mistresses… which one should I give up?  Or to put it in natural horseman terms, it is like asking whether we should help our horse build confidence or work on our communication with him.  We need to do both.  In fact, we need to do both these things and lots of others.

When thinking about our overall fitness, we need to think in large ways, not simplistic ones.  We cannot simply add a little spinach to our diet and hope that makes up for all the calorie rich and processed stuff we consume otherwise.  We cannot simply take a walk around the block once a week and hope that makes up for the otherwise very sedentary lifestyles we lead.  We cannot simply laugh once or twice and think we are fine despite the suffering we feel in our hearts and souls.  These things must be addressed as if they are our lives, because they are.  We nee d to do the best we can in all aspects of our lives.

When we strive for excellence in all that we do, then even if we fail we are still in a good place.  I try to do my trudge every day because I know that something will probably come up and keep me from my trudge one day or two.  I might have to pick up a friend at the car service station.  I might be doing a puppy run up the coast.  I might not feel like it.  I might sleep in.  I might, I might, I might, but I strive for all 7 days, knowing that it is not likely.

I try to eat as well as I can every day, but I know I will likely be in a position from time to time where I don’t have good healthy nutrient dense food available.  I might be painting a jump at the shop.  I might be making copies of forms for a client.  I might be playing with horses till way past my lunchtime and not have something already prepared.  I might be nursing a sick horse, or dog, or friend, or have car trouble.

I might, I might, I might.  But I plan for the big picture.

I try to laugh as much as I can.  I try to read as much positive stuff as I can.  I try to keep whining, sniveling, woe-is-me, people off my facebook page.  I try to stay away from most news.  I look for good news.  I spread happy stories.  I look for things to smile at.  I might get trapped in an elevator with politician.  I might have to listen to somebody complaining about something while standing in the only checkout line that is open.  I might, I might, I might.  I want to have my well as full as possible at all times.  I might be called upon by a friend whose well is empty and needs my surplus.  It may take hours or days… but I need to know I can offer it.

The same way that I try to have at least half a tank of gas in the car in case I need to run to the referral vet with a sick dog in the middle of the night, half a state away… I want to know I can.

I want to prepare my fitness levels as much as I can, because I might….