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Hello there,
I’m Dachia and I’m a small business owner myself. My business is an online membership designed to help folks find the best, current, easy to follow resources on the web. As an entrepreneur trying to wear all the hats and do it all myself, I created the membership site as something I wish I had access to a year or 2 ago. A single place to go to find current resources.

I can’t tell you the number of times I would do a search and be so excited that I had found my answer like, ‘should I run a Facebook ad and how?’ and then I would see that my source was over a year old and woefully out of date.

I would search for how-to video tutorials and it would take me hours of clicking on every one of them to determine if it was a person who seemed to know what they were doing and could I understand them or was it one of those hateful videos where it was just a video of a screen share with no vocal instructions and the only directions was something being typed on a notepad on the video.

I hate those videos.

Hours and hours I would spend looking for information. I was working with clients up until September of 2018 they all have the same needs and questions; ‘do I need to be on LinkedIn and Instagram?’ ‘What dimensions is the cover photo on Facebook?’ ‘How and where do I use hashtags?’ etc. etc.

The same questions that all small business owners are asking or at least the small business owners who are not already on social media for hours a day and they would rather spend their time on their actual business. Be it coaching, horse training, carpentry, mechanic, bakery or café owner.

Like me, you only have so much time and like me you are likely spending the entire allotted amount of time just trying to find out what you need to do by the time you find that, you can’t sit there any longer.

You have to feed horses, or build something or meet with a client, or check the oven. You just don’t have the time to actually do what you just figured out you needed to do.

You know?

Anyway, that’s my small business. Curating current, easy to follow resources for your small business. It’s just a bonus that the success of my business is tied to the success of yours. Again, that’s my small business. The goal of this podcast is to help you focus on some particular part of your small business and take some action to move it forward.

I have two other audio shows that might be of interest to you, as my goal is to keep the shows as brief as possible because I know you have limited time, as I do.

I’ve broken information and ideas up into different shows so you can pick and choose what you want. One of the other shows is Think Positive: Daily Affirmations for the Small Business Owner and the other show is the National Day Of which is a fun little show telling listeners what that particular day is the National Day of: like, the National Day of Chocolate, with ideas on how a small business could utilize it.

The idea for that came about because I had worked with a couple companies that had customers and it was a fun way to connect with them front of house. It was also a fun way to connect with each other back of house.

It’s there if you want it.

So, Join me daily, preferably in the morning. We’ll spend just a few minutes focusing on your small business and getting your mindset right, looking at what you need to do that day, that week, that month. What is a year from now going to look like?

I want to see you become successful in your business. I also would love to hear about your wins, losses, challenges… anything you want to share you can always reach me by email or leaving me a voicemail through the button on the right side of my website at .

Thanks for joining me. See you tomorrow.

(ETA: this show is now weekly. I publish on Mondays, at 5:00 AM. And the show “The National Day of” is no longer being published. It just didn’t have the interest needed to keep it up. But the Think Positive: Daily Affirmations for the Small Business owner, is still going strong. You can find it on all the big podcast sites like iTunes, Spotify etc. There is a link to those sources in the right margin. I hope you like it.)

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