Happy New Year!

Hey there! Dachia here. Happy New Year!

I don’t know about you, but me and my small business… are gonna rock 2019.

It wasn’t easy to get here. I started 2018 off working for a national delivery company. And then I took on a client that was supposed to be part time but who was more needy than I anticipated… there will be more to that story later, but in September, I finally got my head outta my … well.. I Got clear in my head what I wanted… what I needed.

And what I needed was to not have my income dependent on someone else and their income. I had much bigger ambitions than that. And to be in control of my day. My life.

You might still be working for somebody else. That’s ok. Let’s make 2019 your year to break free of that.

It’s a bit scary out here… on your own. But it’s worth it.

Waking up early because you choose to, not because you have to to get to work and clock in. Reading for an hour till your kids.. or in my case, the furkids are getting roused… and want to go out.

Have some water, exercise, and do some content creation and check in with people and accounts.

And remember this is not overnight. It takes time to build anything of value.

AND… you may have no ideas for a small business or you may have a dozen ideas for one… or you may have a dozen small businesses already started… or just one. Don’t sweat this. As you go, your ideas will get more clear. And they’ll likely morph into something else.

My small business, which is a membership site that provides resources for small business owners who are going it alone… wearing all the hats. Folks that are strapped for time. I’ve already done the preliminary searches for good solid information. And I’ve provided these resources in a one stop shop, easy to find site. 

BUT.. my point are is that I didn’t start here.

I have started dozens of businesses. This one grew out of my last one, where I had another client who was in need of very basic information on what to do and how to do it, regarding building her business. As I had helped many clients over the years, while working oddball jobs here and there… get their online presence started and make some connections and build relationships, it finally occurred tome that this is a common need… and I could do it better and for more people.

My point is… and yes, I really do have one… Be open to what your business becomes. What is needed? What do you love doing, are good at and that people will pay you for?

You really can make a difference and still make a living.

I leave you with that thought.

Keep in mind, you might need some positive self talk. Check out the podcast Think Positive: Daily Affirmations for the Small Business Owner. You can find it practically anywhere. But I have it listed under podcasts on my website, dachia.com. That’s a great way to start your day… every day.

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