Dealing with Jackwads

Hey there! Dachia here.

I wanted to share what is hopefully a short story. But I can’t make any promises.

As you can probably imagine, given my business, I spend a lot of time online. I spend hours looking for good resources.

I particularly try to find different media for resources. So articles, videos and audio… podcasts.

My goal, because this is what I’ve promised my members, is to find resources that are a few months to maybe a year old. They need to be clear to follow. They need to be accurate. And I want them, most of them, to be maybe 10 minutes when we are talking about videos. At most.. really 20 minutes. Again, it’s what I have promised my members.

So, a couple days ago, I was updating the podcast board on my membership site and thought, “ya know.. I am in several podcast groups on facebook. I bet they have some favorite videos on podcasting… like the why to podcast and some basic ‘how-to’… and I would bet that some of them even have a video they made themselves.

So, I asked for video referrals, with very detailed parameters.

And you would not believe the people that responded with absolute snark.

On each post I got one or two actual referrals… but then I got a lot of nastiness. Some people would sarcastically say that YouTube has a search bar and I should learn about that.

And I held my 13 year old self back and responded that YouTube’s search bar does not provide the particulars I’m looking for.

And I got other responses like “if you don’t already have a why to podcast… you shouldn’t podcast.” And again, I held my 13 year old self back and responded that I’m providing these links to folks that may not have ever considered it.

And there was much more. The snark turned to attacks and f-bombs and yada yada.

And this is not the first time this has happened.

So, at first, I re-read my post and wondered how it had invited such vitriol. Was it me? Was it the way I had said it? And that’s possible. I don’t know.

But… I think it more likely that there are people out there who are just jackwads and they are looking for a reason to be jackwads.

OR… these people do not click with me… at all. And the takeaway is that these people are not my people.

So, my initial response was a bit defensive … but after I took my moment to determine if I had provoked them unintentionally… and decided I really hadn’t… I had to give some thought to whether putting myself and my wants and needs out there among these morons was really in my best interest.

They are everywhere. I mention this story to you as a warning. You have a business or an idea for one… and the world is home to a great many jackwads. Either be careful where you share your dream … or… understand they are there and be ready in advance to brush them off.

BUT… one more word of advice here… social media invites anonymous jackwad attacks. Even in closed groups … I have a story about that too. And when the first person either reads it wrong or just wants to be a troll and attack… it is VERY easy for other wanna-be jackwads to jump in… and the folks who are actually helpful and want to support you will likely not get involved.

And I don’t have an answer for that.

Just be ready to delete the thread and move on.

I wish I had some great advice on how to beat the jackwads… but I honestly don’t. They are out there. Maybe they are triggered by something… like you know … ‘hello’… but their issues are theirs. Your dream and business and goal is just as viable as it was before they attacked. Keep going.

Even the leaders of every industry still get trolled… Look at it as a right of passage. You are doing something right if some maroon is threatened.

Keep going.

You got this.

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