How I Define A Small Business

I love small businesses. You’ve likely heard me say that before. I think the world of them and the people who create them.

My small business, curating resources for the newbie small business owner… is dependent on the success of small businesses. When I was thinking about my avatar… or my perfect customer or client, I knew I wanted to deal with SMALL business owners. And even further… I want to work with folks who want to remain small.

So, I had to define that for myself. The small business administration has a definition that to me, is far bigger than my own.

When I think of small business it is not under a certain yearly dollar amount. A small business can make a million or more a year. But it is closely held. It is a single person or couple with no employees or just a few in their mighty team.

But their business is very personal to them.

They hold it close. They protect it.

They have personal relationships with their customers or clients and their very few employees.

That’s what a small business is by MY standards.

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