Using Those Circles On Instagram

Hey there,
Dachia here

If you are already very familiar with Instagram and know how to use stories and all those whistles and bells, you can skip this podcast. Unless you want a good chuckle as to how long it takes some of us to figure stuff out. Then by all means.. keep listening.

So a little backstory.

I have been on Instagram for a few months. I’m not VERY active. I judge VERY active as Gary Vee and active as Amy Porterfield. Posting interesting stuff several times a day… or many times a day.

I post a couple times a week, currently. The reason for that is I’m spending a LOT of time building the membership site. But my plan is to schedule that activity into my day. I do believe that for me, and some of you small business owners, definitely if you are a Real Estate professional… Instagram is somewhere to be.

I had seen on other accounts, like Gary and Amy’s, that there was an area on their page, between their profile information and the grid of posts. Circles that are set aside. Now, straight up, I thought those were stories, but they don’t expire in 24 hours.. so… I did a search… And it took me a while since I didn’t know what word I was searching for, and quote little circles on instagram end quote was not yielding me a great many returns.

But I did finally get a return with the word highlight and so I did a search for that.


That’s what they are. I watched a YouTube video to learn how to use them and figured out that my iPhone did not allow access to my photos as it should and so I had to reset it… but before that I had to allow the update… it had been telling me for a few days I needed to update, and I really dislike updates… so, fine.. I let it update… and then finally when it has restarted and I’m getting back into setting todo the reset, I get a phone call… from my brother… the guy that is financing this whole business endeavor, so.. I kinda had to take the call… Finally got the rest done, and followed the directions in the video and this is what I have for you.

Ok, ya ready?

I’m on an iPhone, so I don’t know if this will be exactly the same for you if you are on android. But it should close enough to follow.

Open the instagram app.

Still with me?

Just kidding!

On the bottom bar are home, search, ad, like and your profile icon. Click the profile icon so you go to your account page with al your pictures and videos.

In order to have one of those cool little circles, a highlight, you have to have it on a story first. So, if you already have been using stories, just stick through this next part.

Click on one of your pictures that you want in the circle. It is now open and underneath it are 3 little icons, the heart, the message, and what looks to me like a paper airplane.

Click the airplane.

A menu-type screen pops up over the image and on the top is the option to add post to your story. Tap that. The image pops up with option to add text to the picture. You don’t have to. But you can really do a lot with that once you get the hang of this. So, after you add text, if you are going to, go to the bottom of the screen, right hand corner where it says send to… tap that.

And then on the next screen, tap “your story.” Click Done on the bottom- the blue bar.

Now it is part of your story. Awesome right?

But you’re not quite done yet.

Click on the image behind the share menu… make that go away. The original pic is there. Click on your name. You’re back to your account page.

Click the circle that has your profile pic and that will take you to your stories…

Hang in there… we’re almost done.

That pic you just added will come right up. On the bottom of the screen are 2 symbols, or icons… the one on the right says more and the one to the left says highlight.. clic that one.

And then you can add it to other highlights or start a new one.

Voila… go see it on your page.

At some point I might have advice on the perfect number of highlights to have on your account. But right now I can only say that 7 is what shows up on your page without scrolling to more. Personally, I’m going to try to keep it to 7, because I don’t think people like scrolling. Now, Amy has more than 7 and I think it works because she has such a big audience that people want to see more of her.

So there it is.

If you already knew all this…well… sorry.

And if you didn’t know this and can now add highlights to your instagram page, totally awesome and you’re welcome. I hope you find me on Instagram and tag me in your new highlight. I’d love to se what you are doing.

Thanks for joining me today. Talk to you tomorrow. Probably…

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