Focus On Your Why

Hey there,
Dachia here

I am sorry it has been a few days since I’ve updated here. As a small business owner, like you… I’m sometimes at the mercy of what life offers… or throws at me.

But those experiences provide me content… and you.

Last week, I bumped my fight with Camping World up a notch. I am a supporter of holding businesses accountable. And I’m not shy about using my voice and platforms to express my dismay regarding bad company behavior, including poor customer service and outright lies.

Also, last Thursday, I spent the day at an emergency vet clinic as one of my kids, through absolutely no fault of his own, was seriously injured. I wasn’t even sure he’d make the trip in, and was pretty certain that even if he did, he was very likely going to lose his leg. But… they felt he was a good candidate for surgery and saving that leg and he’s been there since. He had surgery on Sat and can come home Thursday.

Now, you may have noticed my voice is a bit sketchy today. This is actually far better than it was. I lost my voice from the ‘incident’.

So, this is great, actually.

Now, what I want to add here is that I work from home. If I was still working for someone else, at their place of business…I would not have been home when this happened. I would not have been easily available by phone for updates from the vet. I would not have been ready to drop everything and go there if something had changed.

The freedom and flexibility your own business gives you is to make the most of what you have. You have the choice of going to your kids recital or school play or baseball game… and then working late hours if you need and want to.

For me, there is nothing more important than my family. And everything I do is with them in mind. I don’t want to spend 8 hours away from them every day. Even when I worked with clients, there was a pulling me from my life… my clients needed me with them.

And I was slowly being drawn into a position that I didn’t enjoy, doing work I didn’t bid for, and being on call 24/7… and that’s not what I wanted. And it happened slowly, like the proverbial boiling of a frog. Sorry for that visual.

When I fired my client, nicely… and left the office for the last time… I cannot describe to you the weight that fell from my shoulders. I had no idea how unhappy I was and had been for months, until I walked away from it.

I had been working on my other business ideas in the spare time from that. I had put my clients needs above my own. And that was just BS.

So, when I left, and had no income, I just had savings… I talked with my brother, who is also my business partner… and we figured out how long he could keep us going on just his income.

It’s tight.

It’s a little scary.

But I spend my day with my family working online, researching and adding to my membership site, and creating visuals and audios to promote it… and learning…. and taking care of the occasional emergency.

My family is my why.

Knowing what my why is makes the how and what a lot easier to know and to deal with.

So, my advice today, is revisit your why. Give some thought to it. Visualize your life when you feel you have achieved
success. A lack of defining success is the likely culprit for why so many people feel unsuccessful. Just sayin’…

Please feel free to email me at support at dachia . com or leave me a message through my voicemail button on the right side of my website.

Thanks for joining me. I’ll talk to you later… it could be tomorrow.

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