The Goal of Flexibility

Hey there
Dachia Here.
I mentioned that one of my fur kids was seriously injured last week. He had surgery on Saturday and came home on Tuesday. However, we have to go back to the vet every single day to change his bandages.

And Now I arrive at my point. I know you were wondering.

If I worked for someone else, on their schedule, in their place of business, I don’t know how I’d be able to do this. I have worked normal jobs and can’t think of one where I’d just be able to take several weeks off and nurse my kid back to health. Even if this were a human child, there is just no way I would have the flexibility needed to take off and be with him and take him to his daily appointments.

And while my business is still in its infant stages, and this is still not easy, it is a reminder to me what I’m doing and why I’m doing it.

And I actually have another point.

Building your business will not be easy.

I don’t know about you but I have difficulty focusing in short bursts. What that means is that knowing I have to leave the house with Trey, that’s my kid, in a couple hours, really makes it hard for me to focus for that coupe hours. AND… when I return, I have trouble refocusing on whatever I was trying to focus on.

I get a lot of people rolling their eyes when I tell them I have trouble getting stuff done if there are any interruptions. Well… it’s the truth.

My inability to focus, refocus or stay focused is why this business is so long in getting off the ground.

Well, that and the fact that I’m doing every single task myself…

My point is that building your business, whatever it is… likely won’y be easy. That doesn’t mean you’re heading down the wrong path or that you should rethink your goals.

Very little that is easy is worth the effort.

Building your small business is no exception. It will be hard and confusing and frustrating and exhausting… and it will only be worth it if your why is strong enough for you.

If your why is important and moves you, like mine does me, you’ll find a way to keep going.

By the way, I started a gofundme to help cover the costs of Trey’s vet bill, because as I mentioned, my business is in its infancy. If you find me on facebook, you’ll see the whole story of Trey and a link to the gofundme, should you care to partake.

So, the takeaway today is that yes…. it will be hard and life will give you obstacles… or you’ll give yourself obstacles…. but they just make us stronger in the long run. Keep your why in front of you.

I’ll talk to you later. Maybe tomorrow… but to be honest, it seems doubtful. I’m now thinking this is the reason why there is a subscribe button.

Have a great day.

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