The Membership Site is Done!

Hey there,
Dachia here.

You may have noticed I have not been producing podcasts here recently.

And I’ve missed it. My pooch is getting better. We go to the vet every day to change bandages and look at the wounds. He is such a good boy. Always in good spirits and tolerant of us poking around in his sores.

I just wanted to remind you that I did say I have a very hard time changing direction when Im into something. So, it’s hard to be doing something productive and creative and interesting and then, put it aside with no completion and go do something else… like goto the vet. And then when we get home… go right back into what I was doing. This is something I have always had trouble with, but to be honest, it has become more of an issue as I’ve gotten older.

And I’ll always be working on it. The lack of podcast production is just a symptom of a deeper issue for me.

I’m working on it. If you don’t want to miss whatever I might create … whenever I happen t do so… I suggest going to iTunes or any of the other sites where I offer my various podcasts, and just subscribe.

Honestly, I don’t get a littlest on the back for it.. but as … sporadic… and erratic as my publishing schedule is, it just make sense. Also, if you happen to e listening to this on Amazon Alexa briefings, you only have access to the last one published… yo can find all of the back ones on iTunes or the other sites like spotty or google play and others.

But onto something useful.

I finally finished he membership site. But… at this moment I haven’t really opened its doors because I want a friend of mine to heck it out and make sure it its working as well as it can be before I allow members.

But I’m aslant an idiot and neither are you. It will never be perfect. No site ever is. When you get in you still might ind a broken link or need a resource that I didn’t anticipate. Just drop me a line, either email or a voicemail trough the button on the side of my sites, and let me know… I’ll fix it or include it as soon a I can.

Now tat site already has hundreds of resources that any newbie small business owner can use right away. How to optimize your facebook or Linkedin page etc.

But I do want to mention a change I’ve made in m own resource use. I had been sing the free version of canva for years. And it is awesome. Likely, for quite a while…i ell ball you need. But Canva made a change recently and offered me the business level at a reduced rate and to be honest, while the extra templates etc are very cool… I really needed the folders. I had uploaded hundreds of pictures, and logo pieces and it was becoming cumbersome to find what I needed. So I opted for the business level, made a few folders, took an hour or so and put everything away… and then created a hundred torso instagram posts.

And that leads me to my second unpaid for resource mention… buffer. I have said I have used buffer forbears. I had used both the paid and free levels. Love Buffer, but I left the pid version because I was unable to get myself to use it to the level it offered.

At the time that I left the paid version, buffer was unable to post directly to instagram.

Well, instagram was my most difficult platform to use because I honestly just don’t use my smartphone to the ability it offers… so, working on that wall screen and writing a position note and adding hashtags and coming it and then going to files and finding the image I wanted and ten uploading into instagram… I’m telling you… it just didn’t flow easily for me. More power and hats off to those who can do that with ease.

But buffer can now post directly to instagram. Hallelujah…. So, last night, the planets aligned and I had decent internet service, so while I had Captain America, the first Avenger on… streaming… I was able to schedule weeks worth of instagram posts… complete with text and hashtags.

But.. my internet started to bog down, so tat’s as far asI got. BUT, I gotta say Im feeling pretty stoked about this. This morning I already had one of the posts published and had some interaction with people. That’s awesome.

So, canva- either paid or free… and buffer… either paid or free. Go check them out.

Make it a great day. It’s all up to you… with a little bit of me.

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