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Hey there!
Dachia here,

Ok, before you ask, the dog, Trey… is doing ok. For more updates… nearly constant, you can go to my facebook page. For fewer updates on him, with a few updates on the other kids AND some motivational… at least I hope they are, posts… find me on instagram. On either of those sites, it’s just my first and last name Dachia Arritola.

Ok, on with some useful stuff.

So, I told you guys about Canva and Buffer. I’ve been on Buffer again, when I have decent service, to schedule instagram posts.

I found a ‘best time to post for instagram” on I am using their schedule without change for a couple reasons. First. it’s a good starting point. I can check the analytics later and see what time slots are working better. But from what I have read and seen, I do believe that the first goal is to just post regularly. My posting, as I said before was really erratic.

So, I scheduled some posts at potentially optimum times and then I’ll also post as things come up… like my kids are snoring…or… my kids are playing. The likelihood that those additional pots will include a kid… pretty high.

Now I’m also on Twitter and LinkedIn and Pinterest and Facebook and Youtube.

I’m not suggesting that you need to be. That completely depends on what your small business is and where your target audience is.

Likely.. VERY likely, they will be on Facebook.But the rest of these platforms… it depends.

Instagram images are best square… like 800×800. The other platforms have a different optimum dimension… but… you CAN crosspost… usually.

Now, I have created many images, in Canva… for the different platforms. However, I was thinking that right now… while I’m still getting stuff scheduled and still trying get everything else done… I could cheat a little.

Have you ever heard of IFTTT? It stands for If this then that. On their site, they have what they call recipes. Years ago I used these recipes when I had my blog on blogger. That was a long time ago… but a recipe then was , IF I post on blogger… THEN it will automatically be posted on facebook and maybe Twitter.

It was and is a time saver, if there is something you would always do, like post to facebook if you published something…

So, I set up a few recipes. One is that if I post to Instagram, with a particular hashtag, it will post to Twitter. I don’t necessarily want every single post on instagram to go to Twitter, because as I said… I do post my kids shenanigans… and oddly they seem out of place o Twitter… and LinkedIn.

I have a few other recipes set up there, for cross posting content.

What I did not do was a recipe that sent my instagram to my facebook… for a couple reasons.

One reason is those platforms tend to often have the same people checking them out. So, I don’t want the same content on both of those. But instagram and twitter is not an issue generally.

Anther reason is that I’m not crazy about the formatting of the instagram post on the Facebook page. However, I am seeing it more and more and perhaps on a business or group page, it would not look odd. I do think it looks odd on profile pages.

But for a couple days, while I tweak these recipes, you might see instagram posts on all my accounts… while I determine what I like and what I don’t.

So, I have 2 takeaways fro this today. First, check out to save some time crossposting content. It’s free.

Second… don’t let yourself get trapped in needing for it be perfect right away… or ever.

Yes, the best times to post on Instagram are not the same as for Twitter. But I simply cannot take the time this very minute… or month… to find the best post the for twitter and then go into buffer and schedule few months of content at those times. Right now… it may not be reaching a bunch of my perfect potential customers, but that’s ok. I’m just feeling this out right now. And… the life of a pst on Twitter is just minutes… and you can get away with a lot more posts…

I’m working on a landing page and funnel sort of deal for the membership site, and that needs to take priority over the scheduling of posts. BUT… I’ve been putting that off for a few months now, as I’ve worked on the building of the membership site, so… I really needed to just take a break from one task and get something done on another.

As a small business owner, doing all the tasks myself… I do that a lot. I’ll work on one thing for a while and then take a break by working on something else. Cuz… there is always something else to do.

So, that’s it for today. I hope you go check out IFTTT and that it can help you save some time.

Make it a great day. It’s all up to you… with a little bit of me.

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