If You Are Driven to Create Something, it is Your Duty to Do So.

Hey there!
Dachia here,
Welcome back to Focus on your small business,

I hope you took a little time this last week to think about what your special gift is. What is it that you want to create or achieve or offer?

I’m continually amazed with our creativity. And our drive to express it.

Every time those videos come around on facebook, where we see people jumping walls and making buckets while doing backward handsprings, it is just evidence of our need to express.

And so is every small personal business across the country. Whether you want to create candles… or purple sweaters for corgis.

There is room for all of us.

Not just room, but a need. and for all our ideas. And I want to hear your ideas and help you if I can.

Not everybody has a strong calling to do something. To build something. So those of us who do… need to move on it.

It’s our obligation.

There is a place for every single one of us and our ideas.

I know some us are trying to live small because we think our idea is not as neat to the rest of the world as it is to us.

But we don’t need the whole world to validate our dream. We need a tiny percentage to say, “cool… that’s something I want or need.” 

Please don’t play small out of fear. There is rom for you an a need for you. 

I tell you what… if you need some quiet personal encouragement to pursue your business goal.. or any goal, for that matter, reach out to me anywhere. DM me or email me or leave me a voicemail… maybe we can chat on Facebook Messenger… but I want to to hear your idea and I’ll tell you my opinion. I have no dog in this race… Ok? Deal?

And if you have a story where you were that person, living small.. scared to share your dream or ideas, but finally dd and now have a small business that is all yours and you wake up to your own day, and maybe with a German Shepherd tongue on your face… ok, maybe that’s just me, that last part… but if you have a story to share , please do. I’d love to share it here… even you’d rather be anonymous.

I’ll talk to you next week. Make it a great one. It’s all up to you with a little bit of me.

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