Massive Action!!! .. is not what you have to take.

Hey there!
Dachia here,
Welcome back Focus on your small business.

I’m in nearly a constant state of research. So, I read and watch and listen to .. so many people who have amazing programs. Incredible advice. Loads of suggestions.

And there is a phrase I hear or read quote often. Now, there is nothing wrong with this phrase. It’s a wonderful group of words. But the more I hear it, the more I feel it is not for me… and possibly not for you either.

And that phrase is “Take Massive Action.”

I don’t know about you, but I don’t really feel like I have room in my life for anything massive. And while I get the correlation between massive action and therefore massive results, personally… I don’t need or want massive results. I want something smaller. Something I can look at.

Have you ever gone to a restaurant that is famous for their unending buffet?

Imagine it for a moment. The one I’m thinking of was in Hong Kong. A huge area of buffet tables with an amazing array of food items. Now as a vegetarian, practically vegan, I do enjoy the possibility that there are more than 3 things for me to eat. And that I find them before the dessert bar.

And honestly, I’m sometimes excited to just walk around and see what is there.

But, if I’m really hungry, I don’t want all those options. I want enough to fill my need. I want to eat and get back to my life.

Now you know why I practically live on meal drinks. 2 a day and I’m done. It’s not where I want to spend my time.

That’s how I see a lot of these experts with great advice on massive action.

I want to try small things. I don’t want to upend my entire life. I love my life. I’m VERY comfortable in my life and in my skin. I don’t need or want a massive change.

And I think I’m not alone.

When we get be silver, we sometimes lose our tolerance for time fillers. They are not necessarily a waste of time, but they are a bit superfluous.

That’s where I am.

I appreciate podcasts that are a couple minutes. I like articles that tell me what I’m looking for in two paragraphs. Videos that are a couple minutes.

I don’t need small talk.

I do need just a couple ideas to try and swim around in and see how they feel in my life.

Something minuscule… unimposing.

This is something I strive to find for myself and I strive to offer my silver friends and business owners.

I want to provide awesome tiny morsels.

My newsletter is fairly simple. If I do not find something of value or enough of value to bring it to your attention… I don’t.

This is the best time of our lives. We recognize bullshit a whole lot faster now. We ask for a manager nicely, but quickly. We don’t want time wasters in our lives. We’ve finally become appropriately selfish. This is our time.

Is that where you are, too?

You do NOT need to take massive action.

I’m thinking of putting a course together, maybe offer it as a webinar, where I walk you through some great but simple steps to help you get a few steps more into building your business or getting it in front of your people.

The action you take is completely up to you. The results you seek are totally your decision. It’s easy sometimes to get swept away in the excitement of a complete makeover, when all we really wanted was a new lipstick.

I always look forward to hearing your stories. Send a note any time. Email… voicemail thru the button on my website at… or DM me any time on instagram or even facebook. I’m easy to find everywhere. I encourage you to find me on your favorite platform and connect with me there.

Remember you do not need to take massive action. You can take baby steps. This process of getting your small business going does not need to be huge… it can be small… subtle… fit into your life easily. It’s all up to you… with a little bit of me.

Talk to you soon. Bye for now.

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