Don’t worry about your ducks.

Hey there,
Dachia here. Welcome back to Focus On Your Small Business.

Today… I want to give you 2 contradictory tips.

A couple weeks ago, I was interviewed on a podcast and became friends with the host and his wife, on facebook. I thought that my previous client would be a good interview for him for a few reasons, and so I started to send him a message and tell him about her and give him her contact info. But I wasn’t sure I remembered her information accurately, so I went to her facebook profile page and saw that she had a new image that is MUCH nicer than her previous one, which I honestly never cared for. But I didn’t see her contact info quickly so thought, ya know what… I’ll just go to the company website.

I went to the staff page and didn’t see her picture. I looked again… and then again. I was certain that the website just didn’t keep up with some change somewhere, because the folks who service the site suck.

Have I mentioned them before?

So, I went to a different page where they are listed again and again I didn’t see her.

So, I went back to her facebook business page and I saw that she had changed companies.

Wow… That was surprising. But everything else on that page still listed the previous company. So, I wasn’t sure where she was. I scrolled her feed and didn’t see anything of use. I clicked on the new company business page link and ended up at an office a state away… it was not correct.

But I did finally find her number and sent that to the host. And then I went back to her page and clicked around and found the local office she was now with and saw that she had made that change official or public that very day.

Timing, huh?

And this is where I give you two tips that are contradictory.

First… you don’t change offices over night… you just go public over night. So, you could easily change your facebook pages to the new information in like 30 minutes. Likely less. It really is quite easy.

And the other tip? Don’t lose sleep over getting all your pages updated when making any changes. Seriously. It is not the end of the world. I found her. If I had been looking to hire her for services(this is a realtor), I likely would have still messaged her and determined where to meet her and which company she was working with.

It’s ok to go public before you have your ducks in a row. The world keeps spinning.

That’s all for now.

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Until me meet again, make it a great one.. it’s all up to you… with a little bit of me.

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