Honorably Unemployed

I’ve made a few changes in the last few weeks. After being threatened with being fired if I continued talking about the situation publicly, I acquiesced, immediately regretted it and posted again. Then I was fired. 

I was looking back on my brief time with the company and the promises made and all my high hopes and I suddenly had one of those moments of clarity. It was never what I thought it was. And it never would be.

So, I’m currently in a more private battle to be reimbursed for my investment, that could be very public very soon.

However, I’ looking forward to going back to my private life being private. I mean when was the last time you read me telling you anything about who I was seeing etc? I went public with this story because it needed to be public to be heard by the right people. And it was.

I’ve spent the last few days getting back into my research and webinars and podcast conference information. And I feel freer than I have in months. No texts in the middle of a project asking me to switch projects and then the next day asking why the first project was not completed.

I know you entrepreneurs out there are nodding. Whether recently freed from your employment shackles or soon-to-be, you like completing a project. The satisfaction of good work. The feeling of usefulness.

I get it.

Small businesses have such a wonderful opportunity to touch lives personally. Something that big companies struggle to do. You can reach out to customers and clients and build a relationship and you can create a company culture of honesty and integrity and know that everybody under your company roof is aligned with your same ideals.

Unfortunately, small companies can sometimes more quickly alienate customers and clients, because it is seen as more personal. Likewise, if you make verbal commitment or promises to your employees, and don’t follow through, they are likely to tell others.

Not everybody has 3,000 Facebook connections, 8,000 LinkedIn Connections, active on Twitter and Instagram and Pinterest and has a blog that has several hundred views day. But everybody has somebody they will tell. It may move faster for the first person, but news still travels… period. And you may find that the drama you sought to avoid, you have just invited to your doorstep.

I have lost a couple hundred hours and couple thousand dollars on a broken promise. I’m not asking for much, really. If I had to make this argument in court, I’d likely add on lost future earnings.

Still… I’m looking forward to returning to my peaceful existence before the not-so-nice-guy, and the company who promised to help me through the process of becoming a licensed real estate agent, left me foundering in the deep end.

I write about my life. I get as personal and as detailed as I need to. Let’s see where this story takes us.


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