If your life is tough… be grateful.

I spend a great deal of my day reading and writing. My goal is to share good information with readers. If I come across an idea that I think could help someone live a bit more fully and passionately and with vibrant health, I want to share it.

Sometimes, though, I realize that we are seeking something not only illusive, but is non-existent. People complain that life shouldn’t be this hard.

Life is not supposed to be easy. It’s not supposed to be hard. It’s not supposed to be anything, it just is. But the hard and easy are signs of how we are living it. What we are doing with it. It is very possible to live a very easy life. And there is nothing wrong with it. A person can get a job doing a fairly simple task, go to work every day, go home, watch some TV, lather rinse repeat. There is nothing wrong with it. There is also nothing great about it.

If it is easy, if we are just skating.. what are we really risking? What can we possibly achieve? What can we create? If life is hard, we are taking a chance… perhaps many. It is only through chance and some suffering and maybe some pain that we are creating and chasing a dream. There’s nothing wrong with just putting your dreams on hold and working the job, paying off the house, raising the kids… but again, there is nothing great about that either… well, maybe raising the kids IF you are involved fully.

But there is purpose in dreams. The purpose we give them. The reason to climb higher, explore further, move faster and see just how awesome we can be. To be inspired and then be inspirational.There is something innately human about purpose.

I have found that the happiest, most mentally and emotionally fit people I know are the ones with a driving purpose. Conversely, the most unhappy people are those without.