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I’ve been working on my members site and started thinking that my blog pages were getting a bit cumbersome with a topic that is really not my focus, although it needed to be said and needed to be find-able from a search engine. But it didn’t need to clutter up my otherwise happy, useful and productive blogs.

I’m very glad I wrote about the topic.

And that it is indexed on Google.

If another would-be victim does their due diligence and does a search for him, he’ll be found now. That’s all I wanted. If you don’t know what this is referring to, no worries. If you do, you can find all the posts by doing a search of his name and city or his name and mine and ‘blog.’ It’s all still there.

I’ve been back to my awesome life for several weeks now and only recently remembered those posts could be found without being in my menus.

So, in case you are in need of something to be searchable on a search engine but you don’t want it on your menu/navigation or for people to just stumble across it, here is a solution.

First, hopefully you are using categories for your blog posts. Create a category that is fitting of this topic. Likely it is already in a category that is linked to your menu. Add it to the new category and then unlink it from the previous category. In this way, it still exists online and can still be found if someone is searching for exactly that.

If you have several posts on the same topic, like I did, do the above with all of them, and then link each to each other. I did this by adding a list of all the posts, and links to those posts, at the bottom of each of the posts. So, if somebody searched the topic, they could find any one of them but then at the bottom, they could see the whole list of the other posts, in order.

Best of luck in this. It might seem a bit off topic. I mean, who would want to have posts out there that are not on your menu?

Well, I can think of a few reasons, other than my own. One might be that you have a few pages for sharing pictures and news with close friends and family. Only a person with a link or knowing what they are looking for would find it. Yes, people could still stumble upon it. So, be careful with what personal info you include.

If you have something you want to write about but it is not fitting with the rest of your site, such as; arranging a reunion, sharing family pictures, writing short stories… whatever, this can help you do that.

Have a spectacular day.


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