Kissing in Business

While out and about today, I had some thoughts regarding this odd and questionable relationship and my interest in helping small businesses build relationships with their customers/clients. A point I realized as I was journalling yesterday was that I needed to ask an additional question.

My general questions included: are they single and are they a non-smoker. The question that I needed to add was, “Do you want a relationship?”

Still with me?

We can’t assume that our customers or clients want a relationship. But then we need to make a tough choice as to whether we want them in our lives.

It’s your business. It’s up to you who you invite in.

Just as if this were a personal relationship, something intimate, it’s your decision what you want out of it. Something long lasting? Something unexpected? But if you want a relationship with this person, you need their permission. You need to invite them into it.

Find out what they want from you. Find out what sort of relationship they want. Find out how they’d like to be treated.

There is something very sexy about being asked permission to be kissed. But there is also something very sexy about offering a kiss or always being available to receive one.

So, what’s all this about kissing?

In business, a kiss is a gesture of connection.

When sends portraits of pets to their proud parents, that’s a kiss. Chewy knows that their kisses are well-received.

Your kisses might be loyalty club discount. Their kisses to you might be bringing family and friends into your establishment. My kisses to Chewy are gushing over them on social media.

I have the same advice for businesses as I do for personal intimate relationships. Learn how to kiss. Enjoy it. Do it often.

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