Making Peace with Your Resolutions

New YearsI rarely go out or celebrate with friends, but I still love this holiday. Why? Because it is a time when so many people are thinking about their future. Making plans. Imagining themselves but better and happier. They are giving thought to what they can do, actions they can take to achieve their newly formed goals.

Of course, we recognize that many of these goals are not newly formed. They are often the same goals we had last year at this time. But that does not diminish their importance or effect on us.

Every day is a new day. Every day is another chance to make our dreams come true.
Having said that, I have just a little advice for you if you are struggling with committing to your vision due to a history of futile attempts.

It’s OK.

If you commit to giving up coffee or red meat and on Friday you find yourself with a cup or a plate, it’s OK. Because Saturday is another day.

I do not have New Year’s Resolutions. Not because I think they are silly, but because I make resolutions all year, and just recommit to them on New Year’s, like every other day.

I make commitment such as “I will read an average of one book a week.” Or “I will write, edit and publish a new book on the topic of perspective, by May. Or July, if I made that commitment later.

A friend, Mike Robertson, recently posted on his New Years resolutions which he states will be to not make resolutions. However, he has a wonderful new idea. You can read about his thoughts here.

Another wonderful and fellow speaker Chip Lutz, recently shared an article discussing gossip, a topic I often find myself discussing with clients and friends, as it is so harmful to our mental and emotional health.

A resolution I made years ago on a day that certainly was not New Years, was that I would surround myself with good people, whom I respected and trusted. I would consume a healthy diet, not just of real food, but also good books that would feed me mentally and also spiritually.

I love this time of year and this holiday because I love to hear people think about their future and make plans and set goals. But I also recognize that only about 8% of these resolutions are kept. And that’s OK. I encourage you to set a resolution again and again if it is a resolution worth achieving. It doesn’t matter the day. Just reset it and try again.
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