Mental Attitude…. makes a difference in everything.

When I first started doing seminars, the hot topic diet, health, and/or fitness.  The commonly accepted theory (if your goal was weight-loss) was to either reduce your caloric intake or increase the caloric consumption- which usually entailed exercise. And for the most part, this theory has made some big differences. Over some time, however, it became increasingly evident to me that there was more to it.

A training schedule that includes both cardiovascular exercise and weight-training is part of the picture. Diet is another part. I am not talking about silly diets where you reduce your carbohydrate intake, or increase your protein consumption or eat only before sunset on every other Tuesday. Eating the “right” foods is actually much easier than most best-sellers and “diet gurus” would have you believe. And proper exercise is not some mythical goal either. Check with me later to see how easy those goals are.

The real key to naturally great health is a bit less tangible. It’s something commonly overlooked and it is rarely mentioned. Personally, I think it isn’t talked about because the vast majority of today’s trainers and nutritionists were taught basic premises. I also personally believe that once “trained”, they stop searching for more. That is not a slam to any individual. I’m sure there are plenty of trainers and nutritionists out there that are continuing their education. I just think they are in the minority.

So, back to my point. If diet and exercise are not the be-all, end-all of great health, then what is?

Mental attitude. If your head is elsewhere, it is unlikely you will achieve great health. You might be able to lose a few pounds, or even many. You might be able to fit into that little black dress. You might be able to run a mile or a few. But great health is much more than that. You need to address your mental attitude and health in order to fully integrate your whole body.

How many of us have met someone who looks great, but is miserable? Or vice versa- look awful, but can run 10 miles in an hour? Lots of people think they are doing great because they have achieved one or more goals, but still suffer their personal issues.

If people are happy where they are, great. However, I think a lot of people are quietly (or loudly) annoyed, frustrated, suffering, and probably think it is normal. But even though the majority of people are in the same boat, doesn’t mean it is normal. Common, yes… but not normal. And from my experience I can tell you that the one thing that most people who are not living with naturally great health are missing.