Post Thanks-Giving Post

As a nutritarian, you might guess that my Thanksgiving is a bit different than most. It isn’t centered around food, but my family and friends. It could be centered around delicious food- there is plenty of very yummy real foods that a health-conscious person can partake in. I don’t center my life around food because life has so much else to offer, like…. family and friends.

Living several states away from my human biological family, I embrace my local adopted family, here at the farm. We had work to do to prepare for a Karen Rohlf clinic, but we still made time for a small meal and a movie on the bed… everybody. Genevi√®ve Benoit, a horseman friend of the family’s from Quebec, was visiting for a couple days, and we are always thankful for the safe arrival of wonderful people.

I was finally able to catch up on my mare’s hoof filing, AND finish my boy’s mane braiding, we are all three thankful for that.

I have so much to be thankful for that I’m really thankful for not waiting to one day to be thankful. I have two fuzzy little dogs that I finally trust to be loose in the house when I’m out most of the day and whom I love to share my bed with while eating dinner, watching a movie and doing computer work.

I have 4.5 (maybe 4.8) horses that are in great health and spirits and easy keepers. I have a purebred Fell Pony foal due in early Spring. (Fell Ponies are a very rare breed, only a few hundred in the country). My minivan still runs. I have a couple of great jobs like Dog Rescue Transport and house-sitting.

Overall… I’m just thankful. And the more thankful I am, the more I find to be thankful for. A happy little upward spiral.

I hope all of you are in thankful positions.