Reducing the Clutter

As horsecluttermen, we all have clutter. Oh, I know, we don’t call it clutter. We call it a spare girth, an extra saddle pad, a horse blanket we might need… someday. And that’s just the clutter in our tack room. Imagine the clutter we have in our house?

One great thing about moving frequently is that it forces you to reduce some clutter. That’s SOME… not all.

Recycle what you can- give it to a friend, sell it at a garage sale, give it to Goodwill, take it to a consignment shop. If not able to do these things… find a dumpster.

All that clutter not only fills your closets but takes energy to maintain, even in the precarious state it is. You think about how you might one day use it. You kick yourself for having not used it. You hope it doesn’t break or get damaged. You trip over it.

I can tell you from personal experience that the simple decision of getting rid of clutter is incredibly liberating. When I went through my closet and filled a tote with clothes I could part with, I felt really good. I actually felt physically lighter, not to mention the mental burden that was lifted. Once you have a few things to go somewhere, make sure they go somewhere. Speaking from personal experience again, if you go back through that same stuff, you’ll start pulling things out to save again. Trust your first instincts.

Start in one room, in one closet. You don’t have to do it all at once.

The object here is not to deny yourself of the things you want in life, but to free your life of what you don’t.