Staying active… in the heat

The last couple weeks here have been excruciatingly hot. We have gotten horses fed and worked as early as possible in order to retreat indoors. A few times a day, I went out and sponged my horses to cool them off. So, how do I stay active in heat like that? I get up early and go for a walk or run, do push-ups upon my return and then feed horses. I cannot allow the weather to dictate my fitness. I make a plan to go for a walk or a run or a hike or a bike ride every day. I know that things come up: the fence is down, the dogs are loose, there is some sort of purple goo on the driveway that we need to stand around, scratching our heads till we decide that it is not in the horse pasture, so who cares? It may be raining torrentially… and your living room is full of a tack, taken apart to clean. The point is, you plan for every day so that you can, at least get 5 or 6 days. If it is hot by 8:00 AM, get outside by 7.Shannon and Dachia

Something I used to do was go for a walk with one of my young unbroke horses. Let them see the sights, get some experience, stop and eat some grass from time to time. My horses already had a great deal of road and traffic experience before I had a saddle on them, and now they are mostly unflappable with cars going by.

But back to your fitness schedule. You are certainly welcome to take your music along, but you can gain quite a bit of mental fitness if you don’t. I have found that when I am out there alone, walking or running the dirt roads, I get a lot of good thinking done. I feel much more clear in my thoughts and focused throughout the day. So, that is my suggestion right now. I look forward to hearing from you and learning your own tips.