What would you do with an extra 10 hours a month? … minimum…

Some years ago, I was struggling to get my business going. My business?.. was consulting with horse businesses in the creation of an online presence. I found that I was giving them advice on what needed to be done, … and then I was doing it. Not what I thought I was signing up for. However, the online world was too foreign for most of these entrepreneurs. They wanted to spend their time with the horses, not trying to find information on the Facebook pixel and then how to use it.

It was frustrating for me to see how frustrated they were. We would work out a plan and then they would spend hours on something that turned out to be quite simple, but it took that long to find a good resource. I wanted them to succeed, so I would just do that research for them.

Over and over, I would find myself doing the research and giving the business owners pages of links and instructions. And then it hit me. The resources are generally the same. Why am I recreating work I’ve already done?

So, I took my business in a new direction. I actually enjoy the research involved in finding the latest resources, but I know most people don’t. I’ve created a subscription service for small business owners who who would rather spend their hours, as much as possible, in their business focus. 

You do still need to take the action, but I will save you several hours in research.

How much are you paid an hour? Now, would you pay that amount for someone to poke around online trying to find the right keywords, looking for only recent stuff, determining if this a reputable resource? If you are taking your own time away from passion and focus, that’s exactly what you are doing. Let me do the heavy lifting in the research. You still need to do the implementation, but there s no reason for you to send hours an hours online finding the latest information and trying to determine if it is a quality source. Let me. I enjoy it and I’m good at it.

The monthly subscription is $97. You are not locked in. Cancel anytime.

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