What Your Business Can Do On Small Business Saturday!

It’s coming up! The Saturday following Thanksgiving. This year it will be on November 24. It follows Black Friday and precedes Cyber Monday.

We’ve all seen the videos of mobs bursting through doors grabbing stuff as they fall all over each other and products. I do not partake in that. My family stays home on Black Friday unless it turns out to be a gorgeous, warm, sunny day. Then we go for a hike.

My family is not much for crowds anyway. But certainly not crowds like we see in the videos. I will admit that I do partake in Black Friday. But from a distance. I will see what deals are on online.

And Cyber Monday? Oh, yes. Count me in. Again, from the comfort and security of my home surrounded by the furkids. As much of an extrovert as I seem when I am with friends or speaking to a group, I really do love being at home.

Started in 2010, Small Business Saturday is something I can really support and get behind. While it may have been started by American Express, and it owns the name, it should not stop you from either patronizing a small business local to you, or taking advantage of the opportunity to offer some great deals in your own small business. … or both. 🙂

If you are a small business owner, get the word out that you will be offering deals at your store.Use your own social media, but encourage your employees to talk about it on their own, as well. Utilize hashtags. Encourage your employees to be online during work hours. Do check ins. Take pics of customers and tag them. Encourage your customers to check in and take pics and tag your shop. Offer an incentive for check-ins… from customers AND employees.

This weekend tends to kick of the whole buying season leading up to Christmas. Now is a good time to remind your staff what Customer Service is to you and your business. Make sure you have scheduled your employees well. Don’t run them ragged.

Maybe extend your hours that day. Lots of people will be out shopping that whole weekend. Give them every opportunity to get in to your shop. Make sure your website is up to date with hours and location(s)

Get with your neighbor and offer something with them. Team up! Offer a scavenger hunt with other local small businesses. But be particular about which businesses can team up with you. Keep it small and personal. Big box stores are amusement parks. You want your customers to stay in the game, not get lost in the bright lights and flashing signs of the big guys. Don’t compete with the big box stores and the promotions they have for Black Friday. Your market s different. Appeal to them personally. What is special about your shop? What can you offer that is personal to your customers?

We get a lot more done with cooperation and partnership than we do with competition.

Go check out all the great free stuff that American Express offers. Seriously.

My hope is to build on the theme of supporting local small businesses. I’d like to see Small Business Saturday a weekly thing… and then a daily habit.

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