Whatever happened to “the news”?

Imagine a study is being performed. The participants want to prove if x will be better than z. They do the study, they write their results and they explain what they have found in the abstract or brief. You are reading the abstract. You know what they did. You know what they proved. Whatever moral elements that are present are ones you provided. There is no moral achievement in science. Science is simply the search for truth. Now if you tell a friend about this study, and this study has personal meaning to you because if x is better than z, you or someone you know will probably live a longer life, then you will probably bring that emotion and meaning to your interpretation as you explain this study to your friend.

But the study itself proves nothing moral… just truth.

This is what we have when we watch the news. We are no longer simply watching the news. We are involved in, on the receiving end of, an interpretation of someone else. They had the news, and they are telling a story to you, with their personal feelings about it. But once their personal feelings are involved, it is no longer the news. We no longer have reporters telling us the facts. We have television personalities telling us stories.

Now if we go back to that study that proves x is better than z, and the results make us happy because it means we will live longer, because we are x and not z, we might forget that the news might not be good for everyone, because there are people out there who are z… and not x. This is why it is important to knows the facts, the truth, and not someone’s interpretation of it.